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Kids in Athens: Top 2 Must-Visit Spots!

Whether you're  enjoying a red velvet cake in a magical setting or experiencing mind-bending illusions, these two spots promise an extraordinary adventure. So gather your family and embark on a journey of wonder and discovery in the heart of Athens

In this vibrant city, two extraordinary places await your discovery - Little Kook and the Museum of Illusions. These enchanting destinations promise excitement and delight for visitors of all ages.

1. Little Kook, Karaiskaki 17, Athina
Located in the Psiri district, Little Kook isn't your average restaurant-  it's a place full of fun and magic. Decorations change all the time, making it feel like you're stepping into a fairy tale. Every season, it transforms into something new, with spooky Halloween decorations or cozy Christmas scenes. Whether you're inside or outside, Little Kook looks like a dream, with lots of colors and decorations that make you feel like you're in a special village.

websiteLittle Kook



2.Museum of Illusions, Ermou 119 Entrance from, Astiggos 12, Athens

Embark on a journey of wonder and discovery with your family at the Museum of Illusions Athens. Step inside and prepare to be amazed as reality twists and bends before your eyes, captivating kids and adults alike. From the Infinity Room to the Reverse Room, each exhibit offers a unique experience that will leave the whole family amazed. With endless fun and excitement around every corner, the Museum of Illusions promises an unforgettable adventure for families seeking to explore together.

websiteMuseum of Illusions Athens

Planning a Family Trip to Athens? Don't miss these two must-visit destinations!