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This memorable market rests in the shadow of the Acropolis, waiting for you to roam the hillside’s many tiny craft shop to discover fine jewelry, handmade clothing, and local art. Enjoy a quick bite or hearty meal in one of many traditional sidewalk cafes and family-run taverns which serve food and drinks until late. Traverse the beautiful local architecture wandering through the quaint streets until you reach the enchanting and mellow Anafiotika, a small neighborhood that boasts plenty of culture.
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Psyri Drink & Dine

Everything you imagine about Athens and more comes to life in this charming neighborhood that welcomes travelers with its blend of ancient and modern. Coffee bars, street vendors and local artisans craft unique treasures among some of the oldest structures and houses in Greece. When the sun sets, the entire neighborhood lights up as the shops transform into a buzzing nightlife district where you can discover phenomenal cuisine and get more than a taste of local culture - as well as a few delicious drinks.
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Beneath the mighty Acropolis lies an ancient throwback to when the city’s populace would gather and trade in Monastiraki’s flea market. Wind your way through hundreds of stalls, each selling all kinds of gifts and local treasures such as unique jewelry, souvenirs, woven carpets, pottery, fine clothing and all the accessories you need to find the perfect gift for your friends at home. Don’t forget to at least ask for a bargain with the friendly local merchants, it’s a custom.
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At the pinnacle of ancient architecture and still standing today, the Acropolis rests on the Hill of the Muses. This ancient citadel rises up into the sky like a massive extension of nature itself, the stone marking a firm declaration to the power of ancient Greeks, which inspired the world over to build bigger and better. It was once a home to kings, a citadel, and a mythical home of the gods. Now it’s aworld famous monument and a reminder of the rich history of architecture and Greek splendor. The nearby Acropolis Museum is a perfect follow-up to ensure you’re in the know for your history, plus a great place to discover unique merchandise.
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Introducing Athens' captivating rooftop scene! From panoramic city views to delightful dining experiences, these elevated venues promise a memorable journey above the bustling streets. Get ready to explore the heights of Athens and discover a new perspective on the city's beauty.